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Lavazza – Italy’s Favourite Coffee

Founded by Luigi Lavazza in 1895, Lavazza coffee fast became phenomenally successful in Lavazza’s native Italy and, later, throughout lavazzathe world. Today the company remains under the control of the Lavazza family who continue to maintain the company’s long-standing reputation for quality products and great taste.


Sustainable Coffee


Working in conjunction with The Rainforest Alliance, Lavazza launched the ¡Tierra! project in 2004.

The objective of the project was to provide support to small-scale indigenous growers and producers in Columbia, Peru and Honduras. The project’s goal was to devise new systems to improve their standard of living whilst also helping them compete on a global scale.

In 2005 Lavazza met the commitments of the Rainforest Alliance by ensuring that the process had minimal impact on the environment. Since then Lavazza and the Rainforest Alliance cite the success of the ¡Tierra! project in their continued drive to promote the concept of ethical, sustainable coffee production.


Fair Trade

fairtradeFair Trade is a global movement which seeks to combat third world poverty and provide a better deal for farmers and producers in the third world. When you buy goods bearing the Fair Trade mark you are guaranteed that it was produced and sourced through ethical, sustainable means.



The Rainforest Alliance

rainforestallianceThe Rainforest Alliance is a charitable organistion involved in conservation and the promotion of sustainable and ecologically-sound cultivation, crop-production and farming. It also strives to ensure a better standard of living for workers in developing countries by working hand in hand with growers, producers and companies. Companies who are endorsed by the Rainforest Alliance – such as Lavazza – must adhere to the principles of sustainability and meet strict standards set by the Rainforest Alliance.